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It is the largest business directory in Mexico, whose objective is to group, without exception, all the establishments of industrial, commercial, service companies, etc. To provide them with trade and business opportunities. This database can be consulted via the Internet and is accessible to anyone in Mexico or abroad.

How to sign up?

  1. Fill the SIEM format

  2. Send us the completed format to the email

  3. Make the corresponding payment.

*Note: Before making the payment, according to the information you provide us in filling out the form, we will verify if your industrial classification applies to be able to complete your registration in the SIEM, as well as the corresponding fee, and we will notify you by mail.

What are the benefits?

– The opportunity to equalize the promotion conditions for small companies with large industry and commerce.

– Capture new national and foreign business opportunities.

– You will have access to an updated base of national suppliers.

– Contact customers and suppliers.

– Publish photographs, logos, advertisements, offers of products and services.

SIEM quota:

a) 6 or more workers $670.00 MXN

b) 3 to 5 workers       $350.00 MXN

c) Up to 3 workers   $150.00 MXN

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