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We are the first National Chamber authorized by the Ministry of Economy in more than 30 years and one of the most dynamic Industrial organizations in Mexico, thanks to the importance of the aluminum sector for industries such as the automotive, aerospace and construction industries; among many others of great relevance to the economy of our country and the world.


I.   Represent, promote and defendgeneral interestsof the country's aluminum industrial activities, as a general activity of the national economy, putting the public interest before the private one;

II.    Promote the development of the national aluminum industry, ensuring that its members have access to programs aimed at the development of the industry and its trade.

III.   Foster union participation by industrialists and promote the activities of their members in the Mexican Republic and abroad;

IV.    Participate in the defense of the particular interests of its members without further limitations than those indicated in the Law of Business Chambers and their Confederations, and provide them with the services that in these Statutes are indicated.

V.    To be a consultation and collaboration body for the three levels of government, for the design, dissemination and execution of policies, programs and instruments for the promotion of the activities of the aluminum industry;

SAW.    Exercise the right to petition, making the necessary steps before the Federal authorities, those of the States, that of the Government of Mexico City and those of the Municipalities of the Mexican Republic and request from them, in their respective cases, the issuance, modification, repeal or revocation of laws, regulations or any administrative provisions that promote, affect or may affect the aluminum industry or activities related to the same camera object.

VII.    Promote the development of the aluminum industry, through the creation of administrative devices or auxiliary research, standardization, certification and verification bodies;

VII.     Operate the SIEM (Mexican Business Information System) under the terms of the Law, the Regulations and the administrative provisions issued in this regard by the Ministry, prior authorization from dependency and under its supervision;

IX.    At the request of affiliates or related companies, act and perform the functions of arbitrator, mediator or expert, in the country or abroad, and through the commissions or representations that are designated for this purpose, in the conflicts that arise between two or more companies, or regarding acts or businesses related to the sector or in the controversies of the affiliates;

X.    In accordance with the Law, collaborate with the Tax Administration Service in the integration of the Register of Specific Sectors, and provide statistical information at the request of said body required for the incorporation of taxpayers to said Register;

XI.    Collaborate with the Ministry of Economy in the evaluation and issuance of export certificates of origin, in accordance with the applicable provisions with prior authorization from the agency;

XII.    Provide public services under concession or authorized by the three levels of government (Municipal, State or Federal), aimed at meeting needs of general interest related to the industry of the aluminum;

XIII.    At the request of the Ministry of Economy, collaborate with it and participate in international trade negotiations;

XIV.     Promote, guide and provide training on the performance of all kinds of mandatory administrative procedures before all kinds of administrative authorities with which there may be interference by virtue of the business activity carried out by its members, in order to generate a social culture of responsibility and compliance with the legislation that regulates its activities as a productive sector;

XV.    Appoint the people who must represent the Chamber, in the councils, commissions, working groups, organizations or collegiate bodies, public or private, in which dependencies or entities of the three levels of government (Municipal, State or Federal), or business organizations participate;

XVI.     Organize and/or participate in national and international conferences, workshops, exhibitions, conferences of interest to members, and other events that are considered to be of benefit to the aluminum industry, as well as serving as a source of relevant information for all types of media and disseminating the most relevant news of the industry in the opinion of the Board of Directors;

XVII.     Verify the civil and administrative acts necessary to exercise its powers and carry out the functions indicated by the Law, the Regulations and the Statutes; Y

XVIII.    Carry out other activities that derive from its nature, from these Statutes and those indicated by other legal systems.

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