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We have worked to build lasting links with companies and institutions with which we share diverse objectives, which reinforce the presence and representativeness of CANALUM, and with whom we develop projects of mutual benefit.

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Signing of agreement with the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC)

  • Establish the bases of collaboration and coordination between THE PARTIES to generate synergies and support in accordance with the purpose of each of them as a Business Chamber, for the benefit of Mexico and that may be of benefit to its Affiliates.

  • Both parties agree to jointly develop the following activities:

a) Exchange experiences and successes in programs, projects carried out, as well as the different areas of interest that have an impact on the respective industry.

b) Establish the bases for coordination, organization, advice and collaboration between the parties, to strengthen growth between them.

c) Promote and support joint study and research projects deriving from this Agreement.

d) Promote training among the Affiliates of each of them, as well as the courses and diplomas that each party grants.

e) Disseminate this Agreement among its members. f) Any others derived from this legal instrument.

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Signing of agreement with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce (CAMESCON)

  •  Promote the link between Mexican and Spanish companies.

  • Develop and encourage mutual promotion activities such as trade missions, exhibitions, business meetings and other activities that encourage cooperation between both institutions.

  • Co-participate in analysis and generation of investment projects and strategic alliances.

  • Generate and develop business opportunities.

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Signing of an agreement with the Mexican Center for Cleaner Production of the National Polytechnic Institute (CMP+L), which has the following objectives:

  • Carry out a national production survey.

  •  Publish a guide for cleaner production in the aluminum industry by subsectors.

  • Carry out mutual promotion activities.

  • Develop a training program on process efficiency and cleaner production issues in general.

  • They make their infrastructure and spaces, laboratories, auditoriums, etc. available to the chamber.


Signing of an agreement with the firm KUPFFER TAX Financial Services, whose objectives are:

  • Offer affiliates benefits in service fees in tax and labor issues; tax situation analysis free of charge and training on issues of regulatory compliance.

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Signing of the agreement with the Mexican Association of Consulting Actuaries (AMAC).

  • Establish a collaboration agreement that offers benefits to affiliates in matters of social security, savings bank and private and public pension plans.

  • Carry out surveys to know and improve the benefits to workers such as: salaries and benefits, job evaluation and perception of employees about their benefits; among others.

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Signing of the collaboration agreement with the Mexico-Brazil Chamber, which has the following objectives:

  • Promote trade and investment between Mexico and Brazil.

  • Support growth and internationalization of SMEs in and for both countries.

  • Develop and promote trade missions, participation in Expos, Business Roundtables, among other activities that promote exchange and cooperation.

  • Co-participate in analysis and generation of investment projects, strategic alliances, mergers and joint ventures.

  • Generate and develop business opportunities for partners through timely links, activities, events, among other actions.

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